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The Revelation 12 Sign

A Prophetic Sign for the Ages


The book of Revelation contains great and important prophecies about the end of times—and significantly, about our redemption. But what should we be watching for? What are the signs of the fulfillment of these end-time prophecies, and what scriptural evidence is there to support what we may see?



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This Book WILL Prepare and Bless You, Christians!!
By Christopher Burnette on August 17, 2017


Hey Phil!! This is Chris Burnette. I bought your book from the Google Play store. Anyway, I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough to the body of Christ. If you are eagerly at this time looking for the rapture and also even if you have already watched Scott Clarkes videos or other information and are interested in the subject matter – this book is for you. There is PLENTY of original research and helpful and insightful commentary added-in by the author who writes wonderfully. It’s an addicting read and I can personally promise you will be turning pages quickly. I finished it in only a few days because I couldn’t put it down. Like I said, if you’re awaiting the rapture with open eyes GET this book. If you aren’t, then it’s probably not your thing. I will say this – ANYONE saying that Phil Moser simply ‘copied’ material from Scott Clarke and that’s all that is in this book is a fool and doesn’t know what they are talking about. They’re either lying or probably didn’t read it or perhaps don’t even know how to read. Yes, SOME material is parallel to the information provided by Scott Clarke, but the author only uses it to inform the reader and as a foundation for putting his own, original take on the subject and it is definitely worth the price of admission in my opinion. He presents it all so well. If the Revelation 12 sign were a baseball game, this would be your ‘program guide’. I realize it isn’t, but the analogy is one that applies perfectly and I think you’ll feel the same if you read it. I was very much blessed by this book and it strengthened my spirit and helped ease doubts and settle me in for the coming days. Thank you Phil personally again for blessing me with your book, you truly are a GIFTED author, and I’m no slouch myself at writing so I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You really put a king’s effort into writing this and I’m sure you’ll receive a king’s reward when we go home very shortly I hope. God bless you and all who read “The Revelation 12 Sign: A Prophetic Sign For The Ages”!


The Revelation 12 Sign
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